Jen Gottlieb, Ph.D. is a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Consultant, Supervisor, and Trainer with particular expertise in CBT for Psychosis (CBTp), First-Episode Psychosis, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in people with severe psychiatric conditions, and other empirically-supported interventions for schizophrenia and other psychoses --

as well as in training in the provision of CBT-based clinical supervision. She has co-authored multiple treatment manuals and serves as an expert trainer for the NAVIGATE coordinated specialty care model for first episode psychosis.

A member of the Cambridge Health Alliance faculty, Dr. Gottlieb is the Evidence-Based Psychosocial Initiatives Specialist within the Division of Population Behavioral Health Innovation in the Department of Psychiatry, and a Teaching Associate at Harvard Medical School.

As an extension of her work in treatment of severe psychiatric conditions, she has developed a CBT-based skills program designed specifically to address the unique stressors and mental health challenges associated with the graduate school experience. Using evidence-based CBT techniques, this brief course has been delivered in-person and online to graduate students from a variety of scholastic disciplines.

Dr. Gottlieb recently completed a Fulbright Senior Researcher Scholar Grant to Spain where she adapted and began implementation of a specialty CBT for PTSD intervention for persons with severe psychiatric conditions/serious mental illness, within a Madrid patient population. A Spanish speaker, she continues to collaborate with Spanish colleagues at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


As a result of her experiences living abroad as a Fulbright professional as well as interacting with younger Fulbright teaching assistants and other college-age students, she developed a CBT-based stress-management skills program curriculum for young adults preparing to live abroad. The goal of these workshops --which are specifically tailored to address some of the common challenges for young adults living overseas-- is to positively impact mental health, problem-solving abilities, resilience, acculturation, and optimize overall overseas experience prior to departure, while abroad, and upon return/re-entry to their home country.

Dr. Gottlieb also provides training and consultation to study abroad agencies/universities and their staff to better manage student mental health challenges and build staff confidence in supporting students in their study abroad experience. 

Professional Affiliations and Memberships:


- Evidence-Based Psychosocial Initiatives Specialist: Division of Population Behavioral Health                Innovation, Cambridge Health Alliance, Department of Psychiatry  

- Teaching Associate, Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry

- Past Academic Affiliations:

             *Boston University (Departments of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Psychiatry,                                       Occupational Health, BU Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation)

             *Dartmouth Medical School (Department of Psychiatry, Center for Psychiatric Research)

             *Massachusetts General Hospital (Department of Psychiatry, Schizophrenia Clinical and                           Research Program, First-Episode and Early Psychosis Program)

- Diplomate and Certified Member, Academy of Cognitive Therapy

- Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Commonwealth of Massachusetts PSY#8681

- Vice-President, North America CBT for Psychosis Network

- Member, Fulbright Scholar Alumni Program Association

- Founding Member & Steering Committee, North America CBT for Psychosis Network

- Member, Aaron T. Beck International CBT for Psychosis Clinical Research Group 

- Member, Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (ABCT)

- Member, Schizophrenia and Serious Mental Illness Special Interest Group, ABCT